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Superior Landscape and Irrigation is a landscaping contractor that brings to you a number of services that will help give you the kind of landscape your house deserves. We offer services such as Driveway landscaping, yard renovation, patio landscaping and fencing. We also offer retaining wall construction, sidewalk landscaping and pond creation.

If you feel that you need help with your landscaping plans, then you have come to the right place. We have quite a number of services that can help you achieve what you want when it comes to your landscaping needs. Not only do we help you with your landscape design plans and renovation, we also give you suggestions as to what may be best for your home.

  • Driveway Landscaping – we can help you create the kind of driveway that you want while staying on budget. Some of the options you have include brick driveways, concrete driveways and driveways made of gravel. Choose the best type of driveway material for your particular needs.
  • Yard Renovation – feel like your yard needs a little reboot? We can help you refresh and revitalize your otherwise drab and dreary front or back yard with our yard renovation services. Our highly skilled landscaping architects will assess your property and help you come up with plans for a front or back yard that best suits your wants and needs.
  • Patios and Retaining Walls – have our team help you create the extra space you want with the help of retaining walls and the creation of patios. These spaces can be used for entertaining, relaxation, and family bonding. Choose from the many ideas our landscape architects present you with after they have consulted with you and assessed your property for such a project.
  • Sidewalks and Ponds – additions to your backyard, driveway and front yard plans can include ponds and sidewalks, which we can gladly work into your landscaping design plans. Make your outdoor spaces more appealing and relaxing by incorporating a pond into the mix. Make people walk where they should and protect your shrubbery with the use of well placed sidewalks, which we can also add to your landscaping project.
  • Fencing – increasing the privacy of your property, keeping pets within your lot's boundaries and creating delineations in and around your yards can be easily done with the help of fencing. Choose from the many options you have which include wood fencing, iron fencing, chain-link fencing and many more. Need to keep the kids from going into the water without supervision? Why not create a fence around your pool? We can help make all these happen and incorporate all of these into your landscape design plans.

Contact us today for an assessment and an estimate and get the kind of landscape you have always dreamed of with the help of our skilled and highly trained landscaping professionals. With our planning and designing services, you will see how your house will look with these new additions to your surroundings. Contact Superior Landscape and Irrigation today and see what a big difference we can make to your home.