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Driveway Landscaping Services, St. Paul Mn

Landscaping your driveway and your walkway helps set the tone for seamless transitions from home to patio to driveway. It also helps hold together your landscape design and gives your home the kind of look you want it to have without it looking fragmented or disjointed. That is what our driveway landscaping services can do for you.

We can help you create driveways and walkways that are not only in synergy with the landscaping plans that you have but also with your home. You can choose from a wide array of driveway landscaping options that include brick driveways, gravel driveways, stamped concrete and many more. The choice is ultimately yours and we will be on hand to help you execute your plans as well as your vision for your landscaping needs.

To help you get a better grasp as to what kinds of driveways you can have created for your home, here are some examples:

Brick Driveway – brick driveways give you the safety you need in a driveway while still offering you the kind of look that you want. It adds a touch of color to your landscaping plans as well as some texture with the patterns that you can use when these bricks are laid out. You also get superior traction due to the abrasive and textured surface of these bricks as well as ease of repair since you can easily replace broken or cracked bricks individually.

Brick driveways are also very quick to install, which is a good thing for those who want to have their driveways done as soon as possible. Aside from the speed of installation, brick driveways are also easy to conform to the contours and movements of the soil it is being laid on. This makes this kind of a driveway ideal for those who wish to retain the rolling, sloping and slanting contours of their property.

Gravel Driveway – this is another driveway type that people love for its rusticity and natural look. It is also a very inexpensive material to use for driveways, and if properly maintained, can retain its look for as many years as you want. It is also durable and is great for proper drainage and water flow, making it environmentally friendly.

Aside from being a cost effective choice for driveways, gravel is also a deterrent for intruders since it makes a crunching sound when walked on. If laid with the proper membrane, it will also be impervious to weed and grass growths. You can even choose to use colored gravel for your driveway if you want a colorful alternative to the usual staid and rustic gravel driveways you have seen.

Concrete Driveway – probably one of the most popular driveway types around is the one that uses concrete. This is because of the fact that you can now customize your concrete driveway with the use of patterns, colors, and textures that can be integrated into your driveway. Concrete is also durable and cost-efficient since it can last a long time without the need for any heavy maintenance.

Also worth noting with concrete driveways is the fact that it is a safe alternative since you can add textures to it to make it non-slip. It is also very versatile since you can design your driveway any which way you want because concrete can be shaped to suit your specific design choices.