You might think that putting your landscape project off until next spring is a good idea. We invite you to reconsider…

Here are 5 reasons that completing a landscape project this fall is a great idea.

1. Cost Savings – This next spring, the major
suppliers and distributors of the Twin Cities project a 5% price increase to account for inflation. This translates into hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars difference between now and then. By signing for a landscape project in September or October, your money will go a lot farther.

2. No Waiting Lists – Every Spring, beginning in January, contractors begin marketing and booking Spring landscape projects. By Midwinter, everyone is eager to get outside and to transform their backyard, front-yard, and side-yard. What most people don’t realize is that waiting lists can be lengthy and many projects won’t be completed until mid summer.

3. Seasoned Landscape Crews – By September, landscape crews have been working together all season, refining and improving their technique. The end result of a fall project, with a seasoned crew, is sure to be top notch.

4. Fall Is a Good Time To Plant – Fewer plants are ready for purchase and transplant in the the spring, resulting in the need for partially-complete projects in the Spring. Conversely, there are whole hosts of arborvitaes, foliage, annuals, grasses, flowers, and trees ready to find their home by summer’s end. And when a plant is planted in the fall, it receives a major advantage in the spring, as compared to a plant being transplanted.

5. Autumn Evenings Are Glorious – Fire pits, outdoor grills, landscape lighting, and hot tubs, make the twilight hours of fall the optimal time-of-year to enjoy such cozy features. With dusk times moving from 9pm, to 8pm, to 7pm, and even to 6pm, there are more hours to entertain and enjoy your outdoor landscape after dark than any other time of the year.

What is your favorite aspect of fall outdoor living?