Unless you were hoping to make snow with your irrigation system this winter, we highly suggest that you have your system winterized. You can schedule your winterization online right now in just a minute or two. But in the meantime, we recommend these two tips for safeguarding your back-flow while those temperatures dip below freezing.

1. Place a heavy blanket over your back-flow to prevent ice and cracked seals. This is an easy temporary way to keep your back-flow safe. Damage to this unit can be costly and requires a licensed plumber to fix.


2. Run your irrigation system at night. If you are familiar with your control clock, set you clock to run for 2 minutes, each zone, every hour during non day-light hours. This will keep ice from building up and damaging your lines and heads. It will also ensure a successful blow out during your winterization. 

By the way… making snow with your irrigation system won’t work… we’ve tried it /=

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