This has been a wet summer and fall to say the least! If you are like me, you might have found yourself mowing your lawn more frequently. I turned off my sprinkler system about three weeks ago and can’t say that I have noticed.

Here are a couple cost saving recommendations for home owners with irrigation systems this fall.

1. Turn Off Your System: With the amount of rain that we have been receiving, there is no need to continue running your system and running up your water bill. There will be dry seasons again, so conserve while you can! Turning off your system a month earlier than usual could save you upwards of $100, which covers the cost of most people’s winterizations.

2. Schedule your winterization today. It is definitely not too early to blow out your system. By scheduling your service today you decrease the risk of encountering frost, the unnecessary hassle of covering your back-flow with a blanket, potential damage to your system due to freezing, or just plain forgetting! Damage to sprinkler systems due to improper or neglected winterizations is costly. The average ticket for customers starts at $300. So schedule today and check it off your list.

Turn off. Blow Out. Save!

To learn more about winterization, visit our page “About Winterization”

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