Irrigation Start-up Banner

Proper water management and head coverage, are key components in having an efficient irrigation system. Having your zone times set to distribute the right amount of water is a delicate task. The second part to a good irrigation system, is head coverage. Making sure that every square inch of lawn is getting equal amounts of water will get you an nice even flush yard. Watering the street does you no good and is a waste of your money. We know how to adjust and fine-tune many different kinds of irrigation heads, to ensure that your system is as efficient as possible when watering your lawn. We also inspect each system and make sure we do not find any leaks, breaks, or bad components that can lead to costly repairs if overlooked.

Here is what we do for an irrigation start up…

  • First we turn on the water supply for your system
  • We run a system proficiency check to ensure that each zone is operating correctly
  • Our technicians will then diagnose inefficiencies or issues with your system
  • Next, we are able┬áto fix any issues found with start-up including nozzle adjustment or head replacement
  • Finally we program your clock, making seasonal adjustments and accounting for any improvements that we made to your system.

The goal is to minimize your water costs, while maximizing the performance of your system, ensuring that your lawn is green all summer long.