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Irrigation System Installation

There are many benefits to installing a sprinkler system for your yard or garden. If you are tired of having to manually water your garden or yard, and have to lug those hoses and doing the work yourself, there is a solution to this dilemma. Needing to do this task yourself can actually be avoided with the help of yard sprinkler systems.

Superior Landscape and Irrigation can help you create the right kind of sprinkler system for your lawn or garden. We will first assess your needs regarding your irrigation and give you recommendations on what may be best for your particular lawn or yard. We also specialize in the installation of yard sprinklers and the integration of an automatic watering system for your lawns.

Why Should You Consider Having a Sprinkler System Installed?

Imagine never needing to water your lawns and gardens manually again. You won’t have to spend long hours trying to keep your grass green or your plants watered when you have an automated irrigation system to do this for you. In fact, the question you should be asking is what is stopping you from having a sprinkler system installed today?

Installing a sprinkler system is not that difficult with the help of professionals that know what they are doing, like our team here at Superior Landscape and Irrigation. While some people may tell you that you can install your sprinkler system yourself and that there are actually some sets that they say are easy to install, in the end, improper installation of such a system will actually cost you more money and may even damage your plants and your lawn.

Types of Irrigation Sprinkler Systems You Can Consider Using

When choosing the irrigation and lawn watering systems to use with your yards or lawns, you will oftentimes be presented with a number of choices. Each type will have certain advantages and disadvantages. Each type is also ideally perfect for certain uses. To help you understand this further, here are a few sprinkler types that you may have to choose from and what each one is used for:

  • Fixed Sprinkler type – this is ideal for small lawns, landscaping and gardens. What you get when you use this kind of a sprinkler system is precise and fast watering, an economical sprinkler system and the ability to water areas that are sometimes hard to reach.
  • Impact Sprinkler type – this is often used on large lawns, front yards and back yards. This is considered one of the most efficient sprinklers around since it is wind resistant, seldom clogs and comes with a low flow rate and water pressure.
  • In-ground Sprinkler – usually used both on back yards and front yards, this particular sprinkler type is also great for use landscaping and gardens. This is usually automatically operated by timers and, if properly installed, can be programmed to turn on at intervals.

These are just a few of the sprinkler types you can get when you decide to have yard sprinkler systems installed. Contact us today and we will help you find the best system for your landscaping and gardens.