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Sprinkler System Winterization

What exactly is winterization and why do you need to winterize your sprinkler system? The term “winterization” is used for things that need to be prepared and protected before winter comes along. This is because of the fact that when winter arrives, these things may find themselves damaged if these are not taken care of before then. Sprinkler system winterization basically means that you will need to prepare your yard sprinkler system before the freezing temperatures of winter arrives.

What Happens When You Winterize a Sprinkler System?

Winterizing an irrigation system is essentially a way to protect yard irrigation systems from damage during the freezing months of winter. What some people may not know is that if you do not prepare your sprinklers, valves and pipes for the onslaught of freezing weather, you will end up with a damaged sprinkler system when spring arrives. This would mean huge costs in repairs or even the replacement of your entire irrigation system.

When a yard sprinkler system is winterized, what happens is all water from all your sprinkler heads, your pipes and your sprinkler valves is removed. This is done so that when freezing temperatures happen, the water remaining in these sprinkler parts do not freeze up and damage them. Since water expands when ice is formed, the tendency is for your pipes and other sprinkler parts to crack from this expansion. Winterizing prevents such damage from happening.

Methods Used for Winterizing Pipes and Other Sprinkler System Components

When you winterize your yard irrigation system, you can choose to do so using any of three methods – manual drain, automatic drain and blow out. These winterization tools are usually installed when these irrigation systems are first put in, so it is possible that your system uses one of these. Considered the best winterization method among the three is the blow-out method.

It has been said that while some yard irrigation systems may already have manual or automatic drain installed for their winterization needs, it is still ideal that you blow out your system before winter arrives. This is to make sure that water is indeed all drained out from your pipes and sprinklers before the temperature starts to drop. Since you cannot really check to see if the water in your pipes have indeed been drained out via manual or automatic drain methods, the blow out method is your best bet for really getting all water out.

Draining your system using the blow out method is not as easy as it may sound. Since you will need to use pressurized air to remove all of the water from your irrigation system, protective gear should be worn. There are also rules that need to be followed when this method is used to clear sprinkler system pipes and heads of water for winterization. This is why you should entrust this task to professionals like our personnel here at Superior Landscape and Irrigation.

Contact us today and we will help you prepare your yard irrigation system for winter. This will help you avoid the damage that winter can bring to your pipes and sprinklers, as well as avoid the possibility of injuries involved in the proper winterizing of your system.

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