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Benefits of Interlocking Paver Driveways

Driveways are a large part of every residential property.  They not only are the supportyou’re your vehicle to enter the garage, but also act as a gateway to your home and can leave lasting first impressions as guests are walking up to your front door.  The 5 major types of driveways in Minnesota are Gavel, Asphalt, Concrete, Stamped Concrete, and Paver.  Each of these driveway styles have their pros and cons

Paver driveways offer strong benefits for your home that last long past the installation date.  Paver driveways are typically more expensive than their counterparts, but are an investment worth making for their beauty and longevity.  Here at Superior we can create thousands of different combinations when mixing pavers styles, patterns, colors, and banding.

Where the bulk of the cost of a paver driveway comes in is in the labor that goes into creating the product and not the actual material itself.  For all paver driveways we install 10-12”+ of compacted base material on top of our frost fabric layer.  This process combined with the sand, pavers, paver edging, spikes for restraint, and finally the polymetric locking sand for the joints between pavers for the cherry on top finished product.

If there are ever any issues with settling or frost heaving beneath your paver driveway down the road the repair steps are much easier than a concrete or asphalt driveway product.  With asphalt and concrete installs being solid slabs movement below the surface will cause entire slabs to shift and eventually crack making them beyond repair.  Pavers are able to be broken apart, re-based, reset, and re-swept back into place and it will look like the day it was installed again.  This repair option is why paver driveways never have to be replaced compared to concrete or asphalt where “It’s not a matter of if it will crack, it’s a matter of when it will crack”.