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If you are thinking of adding some privacy to your yard, one of the things you can do is have fencing put up. Superior Landscaping can help you with your fencing needs with our wide range of fencing options and with the help of our skilled professionals. With the many choices at your fingertips, we can help you choose the best one for your needs as well as for your design plans.

There are many fencing options for you to choose from. Depending on the design that you and our skilled landscaping architects decide on, here are some of the choices you have:

  • Wood Fencing – wood fences are considered rustic and very homey. These can be created to encompass an entire yard, to act as dividers between areas of your yard or to simply give your yard a different look by being decorative. There are tall wood fences, short wood fences, picket fences and lattice type fences.The choices you have also include vertical board, stockade, split rail, paddock and estate fences. You can also choose to combine wood fencing with concrete posts or concrete retaining walls for a different look. You can also use wood with steel posts, stone walls and brick walls.
  • Ornamental and Wrought Iron – wrought iron fences are considered the ideal choice for those who want to encompass their entire property without covering anything up. Most ornamental iron fences can help keep your property safe while still allowing you to see outside easily. These can also be made to be tall or short fences, depending on what you want.Wrought iron fences can be combined with concrete walls too, just like wood fencing, and can also be constructed with concrete posts, retaining walls and brick walls. These can be made to look old fashioned, with stylish curves and curls, or modern with straight lines and thick bars.
  • Chain Link – if you are looking for traditional and affordable fencing, then you might want to consider having a chain link fence put up around your property. These can be made with aluminized steel material, galvanized steel or polymer coated material and combined with a variety of posts. The posts that you can use with such a fence include those that are made with steel, plastic and wood.Chain link fences are basically utilitarian and do not have the aesthetic qualities that you might get from wrought iron and wood fences. These are, however, a low cost and low maintenance alternative to these other fence choices.

The type of fence you choose can offer you utmost privacy, semi-privacy, simple division of your property and to keep your pets safely away from the street. You can also choose to have fences constructed around pools and your patio to help delineate your property. Contact us now and one of our highly skilled landscaping architects will help you with your fencing needs.