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Overdue for a landscape transformation? Dreaming of a new outdoor living area? Have you been looking through your favorite magazines & watching T.V. shows for ideas? Are you lost and don’t know where to start? Look no further, we are here to turn your dreams into a reality, on time & on budget! Our designers are ready to listen and add additional ideas when asked. Your finished design will be unique, original and easy to understand. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

Superior Landscape & Irrigation offers MNLA certified designers. Our specialized designers have years of experience and have graduated from collage institutions with Landscape Design & Plant Management degrees.

Design Services: Our design services are very extensive. We offer many different options when it comes to your budget and project size.

  • Computer design. Our computer designs are realistic and accurate. The designs are laid out in a way that eliminates the need for imagination. Our client love the way they can actually see their future project right before their eyes. We are able to take the plan, make any necessary changes and then pass it off to our install team.
  • Colored computerized design. Our next level of design work. If you want to take your plan to the next level, we can add accurate color to the entire design. Pools come to life, waterfalls look as if they are actually flowing, fire pits give off a warmth. Our designers will go over all of our design options at your first meeting.
  • 3D design. The best way to actually see your home and the future landscape. This design is an option our clients with newly built home like. We can take your blank yard and fully transform it into a beautiful landscape in 3 dimension for you to actually experience before we even start moving in equipment.
  • CAD design. This option is great if you are working with a builder who has designed your new home or addition on a cad software. We are able to take the plan and incorporate the new landscape right into your builders plan.

Planning Services: We understand the need for stages when it comes to fulfilling your dream landscape, there is no need for cut out something you love because of lack of current funds. We are experts in putting together a plan that helps you complete your dream through stages.

  • Design. Our designers will put together a outline that takes you through the design process, what you should expect during the design process and furnish you with a time line.
  • Project Plan. Once the design is complete, we will sit down with you to discuss the next steps. These include pulling permits (if needed), calling in utility markings, removing any existing landscape debris, which areas of your yard will be used as our “staging area”, the order we will be completing the items, the overall time line of the project (when you should expect project completion). These planning services have helped our clients eliminate the surprise & guess work when it comes to what they should expect next.
  • Staging & Phasing Plan. When your budget only allows for a portion of the project, our designers will help you decide which projects should be completed first. We will help you decide which phases to complete & in what order. We do not want to install one project that will have to be disturbed in the process of installing the next stage. We love planning in phases, this allows us to get to know our clients even better, our crews look forward to going back to your home with each new season.

Contact Superior Landscape & Irrigation today to schedule your no obligation consultation with one of our certified design specialists.