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Water is Life!
We need water to live, plants need water to live and a water feature will bring your entire landscape to life!
Water is so amazing, it draws children and adults to its beauty. It is all around us. The sounds of water are therapeutic and relaxing!

“I want you to know we have enjoyed your employees and your services. My children can not get enough of the waterfalls and streams. I come home many days and one of them is out playing by the stream in the front yard. You have transformed my yard into paradise. Everyone at your company is welcome to my house anytime, your like family now to me”. Paul – Maplewood, MN

Bubbling Rocks

A bubbling rock is very simple. If you have a small porch or a large water feature, a bubbling rock is a perfect option. They offer great visual affects. As the water runs down the stone, it reveals amazing colors. They are great for adding natural sound. Place a bubbling rock by your favorite chair, and see how long it takes to fall asleep!

Waterfall, Ponds & Stream

If you have 10′ or 100′, we can add a natural looking stream or pond into your backyard – no hill needed! Want to liven it up? We can add a few small water ledges for the water to splash off or even a larger ledge that allows the water to fall down into a pool, creating a powerful & warming splash. Want to enjoy the stream close up? We often add a waking path with stepping stones or a small bridge right over the stream.

Our water features are designed with the newest technology on eco-friendly environments. We always design our water features to be as user friendly as possible. Most of our streams, ponds & waterfalls come with auto fill options, this way you never have to monitored the water levels all year long!

Low Maintenance

*Most Popular Option
Really want a low maintenance option? We can design and install a water feature that is called a “pondless water feature”. This option allows for less sitting water. They are great if you do not plan on having fish. Ask on of our certified designers about the rewarding option of having a pondless water feature.

Lights & Hoses

Remember the extras! Adding landscaping light around your water feature creates a tropical feel as the lights dance off the water, shrubs and trees creating transparent light and creating depth. they are also wonderful for navigating your way through the walking paths at night.

Remember to add a auto pond fill or hose enclose out by your water feature. This will save you many trips back and for with buckets of water or hours of dragging the hose out every time the water gets low.

Contact us today to get started on designing your therapeutic oasis!