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Every project we work on starts with a blank piece of paper. Together you and our designer turn that piece of paper into a masterpiece.

Need a little extra room? Retaining walls are great for adding extra space to your driveway, flattening out your back yard for a playing area or even holding up a pool.

On a commercial side, installing a retaining wall could mean extra parking spaces for additional clients & shoppers.

Our designers are certified and knowledgeable in designing a retaining wall that not only looks good, but will also stand up to natural and man made stress & abuse. Any single retaining wall that must be higher than 4′ will be properly designed by one of our certified engineers.We make sure the wall is properly designed and supported before we even begin digging.Our certified installers go to yearly training to keep them up to date on new techniques and practices.

“Enjoyed Shawn, Dean, Dan & Jeremiah – friendly and accommodating. The end result is very attractive. We get a lot of complements about your work… both from neighbors and passersby. Other contractors who come and do things at our home also comment on the work”. Thanks much. Rick – Coon Rapids – Installed Multiple Retaining Walls and Paver Patio, along with some softscape items & irrigation work.

Modular Block Walls

Modular Block Wall (Manufactured Block) are still the most popular walls around. They have many unique features:

  • Portable: Walls can be built where machinery can not access the area.
  • Attractive: With new technology, block walls are now more attractive then ever. They are offered in many standard and natural blended colros. They are also offered as weathered – look more like natural stone.
  • Durability: Commercial block (not the ones at the do-it-yourself centers) come with great warranties and are manufactured and straight tested for maximum durability.
  • Price: Block walls are an affordable option when looking at all of the material available for retaining walls.

Retaining wall blocks can be used for small things also:

  • They make the perfect over sized window well. If you are looking for added light in your basement, this is the best choice available.
  • Raised planter bed & sitting walls
  • Steps

Natural Stone Walls

Natural stone walls are the perfect option for that “Natural Looking Landscape”. Here are a few reasons to use natural stone:

  • Boulder walls are great for creating a natural looking terraced wall that blends in nicely with plants and mulch.
  • The fun thing about limestone is that when properly installed, it almost looks as if we just excavated away your hillside and unbarred shelves of natural limestone.
  • Flat stones like “Chilton” are used for formal walls and terraces.

When building a natural wall, it is very important that it is designed and installed properly, if not the wall is subject to collapsing and falling down!

Freestansing Walls

Freestanding walls help create a courtyard affect. They are also great for sitting on if you run out of chairs.

Freestanding walls can be made of either natural stacking stone or manufactured stone.

If you have a project in mind, contact one of our certified designers to discuss why Superior Landscape & Irrigation is the right choice.
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