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Sidewalk Landscaping Services

A sidewalk is more than just that strip of concrete that lines streets and roads. It is actually one of the many elements you can add to your landscaping plans in order to create divisions and paved spaces in and around your yard. Sidewalks, or walkways as they are sometimes called, can be made using a wide variety of materials. What you choose to use will often depend on the landscape design plans that you have for your yard or lawn.

Sidewalk Options for Your Home

Just like driveways, the options you have for creating sidewalks around your home are rather numerous. Some of the more popular choices include bricks, concrete, gravel and crushed stone. Some sidewalks are even made using shaped concrete blocks and granite squares.

The materials you choose for your sidewalk landscaping plans should work well with the rest of your landscaping ideas. These should also work well with your driveway and patio plans. Since your sidewalks will connect most of your outdoor spaces for you, it is best to have the plans for your sidewalks incorporated into your landscape design plans from the very start.

Where Your Sidewalks Can Be Useful

One of the reasons why integrating sidewalks into your landscaping ideas should be considered is for the protection of your plants and other greenery. There is a reason why parks often post “Keep Off the Grass” signs, and that is to help keep these healthy and uncrushed by the weight of people trampling on them. Having a sidewalk from the street to your door, as well as around your front lawn and backyard, serves to keep your plants safe from trampling.

Sidewalks also help create attractive divisions for your landscaping plans. A sidewalk can serve as a divider between different parts of your garden. These can also serve as walkways that can be used to easily reach the plants you need to tend without having to step on any greenery in the process.

Other Landscaping Ideas to Use with Your Sidewalks

Some of the things you can easily add to your sidewalk plans include landscape lighting and fencing. You can incorporate path lights on both sides of your sidewalk to make this easier to see at night. You can also add some decorative fencing alongside these walkways to help show people where they should and should not walk.

To help you plan your sidewalks and other landscaping needs, contact us today. Our landscaping architects will be happy to help assess your landscaping needs and to give you suggestions on how to best incorporate sidewalks and walkways into your landscape design plans. Our highly qualified professionals can also give you advice on your front yard, back yard and patio renovation needs. Contact us today and get your landscaping needs taken care of by only the best.