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Outdoor Lighting

Having your front yard or back yard involves more than just the addition of plants, sidewalks and other similar elements. When it comes to landscaping, you should also consider adding some home outdoor lighting to your landscape design plans. Also called landscape lighting, the illumination you provide your outdoors will help to provide not only additional aesthetic value to your yards and gardens but also adds security and safety to your household.

Your Outdoor Lighting Options

When you decide to have outdoor home lighting installed, you have quite a number of options available to you. Each type of outdoor lighting option you choose to use will give your home security, safety and aesthetic value in many different ways. Here are some of the outdoor lighting options that you have for your home:
  • Canister or Well Lights – these are used to light up walls, shrubs, trees or house facades. These are sometimes called uplights, and are often buried into the ground or hidden behind rocks and smaller plants to keep the landscape looking natural. These are often installed with line voltage or low voltage systems.
  • Box Lighting – these are used to light up larger areas and are installed using a line voltage system. These are also called focused lighting and are designed to direct the beams at a specific direction, to protect the lamps and to keep moisture and debris away from them.
  • Accent or spot lights – as the name implies, these are used for creating accents for your landscaping needs. These are adjustable and can be used for uplighting and grazing as well. These can also be used for moonlighting or downlighting when mounted from an elevated postion.
  • Path lights or diffused lights – these are generally used to illuminate paths and steps, however these can be used to light up flower beds, driveways and perimeter plantings too. These cast a light in a broad pattern wherever these are installed and are essentially low level units.
  • Post and Bollard lights – these are also used to light paths, stairs and driveways. These are taller than path lights and can be used to illuminate pool areas, patios and gardens.
  • Fountain and Pool lights – these are water-resistant and can be used to illuminate the bottoms of pools and fountains. There are two types of these kinds of lights, and these are the dry niche and the wet niche types.

Different Lighting Methods Used for Landscaping

When designing a landscape lighting plan, you can choose from a few of the many lighting methods available to you. These different methods can be used to create a variety of aesthetic effects for your landscape. Some of the choices you have include cross lighting, silhouetting, shadowing and grazing. You can also choose to use diffused lighting, moonlighting and uplighting for your landscape lights. For your outdoor home lighting needs, contact us and we can help you plan and install landscape lighting the way you want it. Superior Landscape and Irrigation can help you with your outdoor lighting needs.