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Outdoor Lighting – LED Outdoor Lighting

One of the options you have when it comes to your outdoor lighting and landscape lighting needs is LED outdoor lighting. What exactly is this lighting option and what is the difference between this type of LED lighting and those that are used indoors? Why is it considered a good choice when it comes to your outdoor lighting requirements?
When comparing LED light used indoors versus those that are made for use outdoors, it has been noted that outdoor LED lights are significantly brighter than its indoor counterparts. This is due to the fact that outdoor lighting needs to be brighter than those used indoors because of the bigger area that these need to illuminate. It is also due to the lack of walls that the light can bounce back or reflect from.

Why Choose LED for Your Outdoor Lighting Needs?

You may have heard numerous companies and individuals who recommend the use of LED lighting for both indoors and outdoors, yet do they tell you why they recommend the use of such lighting options? The reason why people are turning away from the traditional incandescent bulb and turning to LED lights for their illumination needs is due to the fact that LED only consumes a mere fraction of the energy that incandescent bulbs eat up. In short, LED lights are energy saving lights that help you reduce your energy costs.

Another reason why LED lights are becoming more popular with consumers these days is due to the fact that these also last longer than your normal, everyday light bulb. While light bulbs may last a few months to a couple of years, LED lights can last 6 to 10 years, depending on your usage. LED lamps may cost a bit more than your normal light bulb but in the long run, these will actually save you more since you do not have to purchase replacements frequently plus your energy costs are also significantly lower.

Where LED Outdoor Lights Can Be Used

LED outdoor lighting can be used in many different ways and can be used to enhance your landscaping ideas. Also called low voltage outdoor lighting, the lighting options you have outdoors that can benefit from the use of LED lights include:

  • Area Lights – these are used to illuminate patios, front porches and other similar areas of your house. This is to make certain areas brighter for purposes like ease of entry, for entertainment purposes (as with patio lights) and for security purposes as well.
  • Floodlighting – these are often used for landscape lighting projects where the homeowner wants trees, statues and other similar features in their yards and gardens washed with light. These can also be used to light up entire walls and gardens, and is considered a brighter version of the spotlight.
  • Spotlighting – smaller than floodlighting, these can be used to feature a statue, a single tree or some cool feature of your yard or garden.
  • Step Lighting – these are used to light up steps on patios, porches and even on paths. These are used to prevent the possibility of accidents happening with people not seeing these steps in time.

These are but a few of the landscape lighting options you have that can use LED lighting. For more information on other options that can benefit from the use of LED outdoor lighting, contact us now and we’ll be happy to help you with your outdoor lighting needs.