Landscape Lighting -Let landscape lighting transform your yard, home or business into a portrait that will last a lifetime.

There are 2 Styles of Lighting:

  • Cheap Big Box Store lighting: Designed to be very low wattage (so homeowners who are not educated in the electrical field, will not harm themselves). This product is made out of plastic or aluminum. This product is designed to last 1-2 years. The lighting affects these plastic & aluminum fixtures give off are minimal and are designed more to light themselves, not the landscape.
  • Quality lighting fixtures that are designed to illuminate your home & landscape: These fixtures are designed to last for a minimal of 5 years, most of our product comes with either a 15 year or lifetime warranty. They are made from either brass or copper. The wattage that these fixtures can handle is much greater, resulting in a more crisp & defined illumination.

When choosing a lighting contractor, ask a few of these simple questions:

  • Do you have a MN Low Voltage License (Required in by the State of Mn to install any low voltage landscape lighting, we will show you a copy of ours at our first meeting).
  • Are you certified? (We are LITE certifed and also a level II Unique Certifed installer).
  • What is your warranty? (Almost all of our fixtures, hubs & transformers carry either a 15 year warranty or lifetime warranty).
  • What is your background in lighting? (Our designers have been through many in field & class room training seminars, also all of our designers are also landscape designers. We understand how your landscape will change over the years).
  • What do you offer for maintenance? ( We offer many different maintenance plans that best fit your budget. We are also a preferred Unique Lighting contractor & service many other contractors existing systems).

Time for Lighting!

“Airports should have runway lights, not your landscape” T. We will help you design a proper lighting system that will last a life time!

Most of your landscape is now in full bloom and back yard parties are underway. Many homeowners think about landscape lighting at this time. We often tell homeowners that, yes summer months are great for lighting up blooming landscape, fountains and your home, but wait til you see what proper lighting looks like in the winter months! There is no comparing big box store lighting kits and professional landscape lighting fixtures. A properly installed lighting project will last a life time. Landscape lighting fixtures from big box stores are made to last a season or two. Big box store kits are also designed to be seen. A quality light fixture is actually made to be hidden. When designing a landscape lighting project, the fixtures should blend into your landscape. The fixtures are not meant to be seen but to showcase your landscape. The fixtures are designed to illuminate their surroundings like columns on a house, trees, pergolas, plant beds, fountains and so much more.

Another benefit of purchasing a quality light fixture is that they come with warranties. The warranties start at 15 years and go all the way up to lifetime! Big box store fixtures are made from plastic and aluminum. Both materials unfortunately do not hold up to our climate. A quality light fixture is made out of copper and brass. The materials stand up to the harsh climates we experience. Quality fixtures also are durable enough to hold up to & melt their way through deep snow. A properly designed landscape lighting project will add romance, beauty, safety and elegance to any landscape & home.

The State of MN requires lighting on deck stairs now. There are many low voltage landscape lighting fixtures available for decks. Low voltage lighting is an efficient way to light up your deck and steps and it will not blind you like high voltage lighting fixtures.

For further information on landscape lighting contact one of our lighting design experts at MN: 651-246-5716 or WI 715-386-7888. or schedule an appointment on this website.

We offer free lighting consultations.

Let landscape lighting transform your yard, home or business into a portrait.