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Outdoor Lighting – Security Safety Lighting

Probably one of the main functions of outdoor lighting, and considered the most important use of such, is for security and safety. Installing home outdoor lighting for increased security and safety is a practice that most homes employ and, as a security measure, has worked to help discourage intruders from invading your home. The use of outdoor lighting to keep thieves at bay has even been used with security systems that turn on lights whenever motion is detected outside of homes.

Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces for Both Safety and Security

When you talk about the increased safety of a property due to outdoor lighting and the increased security of the same property due to these same lighting fixtures, you are actually talking about two different things that benefit from one feature. With safety as an issue, having lighting installed outdoors for this means that you are keeping people from falling down stairs, tripping and what not due to the lack of ample lighting. When you talk about increasing security with the use of home outdoor lighting, you are using the prospect of discovery with the use of bright lights to deter would-be-criminals from invading your home.

This is probably two of the best reasons for you to install outdoor lighting for your home – to ensure that both are present and can help keep everyone in your family, as well as guests, safe. In order for both of these to be ensured however, you need to select the best possible outdoor lighting fixtures that can facilitate this. Where these are installed and how are also factors that need to be considered in order for these outdoor home lighting fixtures to be effective at what they are supposed to be there for.

What are Your Options for Safety and Security with Outdoor Lighting?

For your outdoor security and safety lighting options, you should ask skilled professionals for advice. Every house has a different layout, and as such, this means that every house should have a different design for outdoor lighting. We at Superior Landscape and Irrigation can help you achieve your goal of outdoor home lighting that can keep you safe as well as secure.

Here are some of the options that we may present to you upon assessment and consultation with our in-house experts:

  • Outdoor Wall Lighting – you can choose from a wide variety of lights that include wall sconces, LED lights, flood and security lights and solar wall lights. If you do not want your lights to remain on for the entire night but still want these to offer the kind of safety and security they should be offering, you can have motion detectors installed with these lights. With such a feature, you won’t need to keep your outdoor lights on all the time. A little movement detected by the sensors will turn these lights on, helping people find their way safely or driving intruders away.
  • Outdoor Path Lighting – these can also work as a safety lighting option and a security lighting one at the same time. Since these are low voltage outdoor lights, keeping these on the whole night for both safety and security reasons is doable without your having to suffer increased energy costs.