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Outdoor Lighting – Tree Lighting

With outdoor lighting, you can do a lot of things and one of these is to highlight the trees around your home with the help of tree lighting. Add some drama to your landscaping plans by installing some well placed outdoor lighting near and around your trees. This is a type of lighting that can enhance the beauty of your home and is done with the use of different types of outdoor lights aimed at your home’s foliage.

Create Some Drama with Your Outdoor Lights and Your Trees

Make your trees the focal point of your garden or your patio by having outdoor lights installed near them. You can choose from a number of lighting options available for this. Depending on how you want your trees to be featured, you can choose between downlighting or uplighting for this.

  • Uplighting – when you uplight a tree, you are essentially shining light upwards from under the tree, highlighting its branches and its trunk in the process. This is a great way to create some drama in your garden or yard and is ideal for trees that have thick foliage and artistic looking trunks. This kind of tree lighting creates a warm atmosphere and makes your trees stand out in an otherwise dark environment.
  • Downlighting – this is when you place lights up in your trees and within its leaves and branches. This is a great way to highlight trees with rather loose foliage, giving it a rather ethereal glow from within. You can also create a moonlight effect with this kind of a tree lighting idea, making the area bathe in romantic shadows created by your tree lights.

Other Ideas for Tree Lighting

Aside from uplighting or downlighting, you can also use other types of low voltage outdoor lighting to highlight your trees. You can opt to choose spotlights that, when aimed at trees lining your house, can create wonderfully haunting and dramatic silhouettes. This lighting method is ideal for trees with interesting shapes, thin trees and shrubbery.

Another idea you can use for tree lighting around your home is by using colored lights aimed at the bottom part of your short trees. These can create a dreamy, wonderland effect to your garden. Add a few white string lights into the foliage and you have a fantasy-inspired outdoor lighting design for your trees.

Tips and Tricks for Tree Lighting

When you are thinking of using home outdoor lighting with your trees to create an aesthetically pleasing effect at night, make sure that you are not disturbing the natural appearance of your landscape with lights that are obtrusive. Try to mask your lights with the use of rocks or shrubs by hiding them behind these natural elements.

You should also limit the amount of time when you turn these lights on. Aside from helping you save energy, you should also be aware that plants are somewhat like people and need to get enough sleep at night. To do this, they should be in complete darkness. Turn on your outdoor tree lights for a few hours every night and make sure that these are off afterwards till morning to give your trees the chance to rest so that these will remain healthy and looking as majestic as ever for years to come.