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Outdoor Lighting – Uplighting

What exactly is uplighting and what is it good for? When it comes to your home outdoor lighting needs, one of the things you will hear skilled landscape designers mentioning is uplighting. Uplighting is essentially an outdoor lighting method that involves the use of different kinds of lighting sources pointing up to highlight the beauty of either a house’s walls, trees or other architectural details.

In uplighting, the usual fixture of choice is a well light. As the name implies, this kind of a light is shaped like a well, with a tubular body and an opening up top where the light shines through. This kind of home outdoor lighting source is usually installed into the ground and angled according to what kind of effect you want it to have.

Uplighting and Your Trees

One of the most common uses for uplighting is to highlight your shrubbery and trees. These kinds of lights are often installed under your trees or your bushes. These lights give your garden an ethereal glow and a wonderful nighttime look. While most homeowners prefer to use yellow or white lights for this purpose, some people choose to use colored lights to give their trees a different kind of glow and to make their garden look very different.

How your trees are highlighted will depend on where these are situated, their size, their shape and what angle you place your lights in. You can beam your lights straight up into the branches of thick trees to make the branches and the trunks of these trees the focal point of your setup. You can also choose to install these lights at an angle to create shadows on walls for those trees that are found near your garden’s or home’s walls.

More Uplighting Ideas You Might Want to Consider

Some other uplighting ideas that can be used with home outdoor lighting include those that involve the use of such garden features like fountains and statues. You can use an uplight to highlight these fixtures in your garden at night. You can also choose to use an uplight to light up your home’s house number or mailbox.

This kind of outdoor home lighting can also be used to feature other structures in your garden. Have a gazebo you think will look good awash in a muted glow at night? Have a few uplights installed in the shrubbery around it to help give it that romantic appeal. Does your home’s wall feature unique brickwork or do your ornamental flower boxes warrant additional attention at night? Using uplighting on these will help give you the additional oomph you need to make people take notice.

To help you with your uplighting ideas, and to give you some more insight on the beauty of this outdoor lighting option, contact Superior Landscape and Irrigation today. Our skilled professionals will not only help you find ways to integrate this kind of outdoor lighting scheme into your landscaping plans, but they will also help you with landscape lighting installation as well. Contact us now for your no obligation consultation and find out what lighting options you have for your landscape needs.