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If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, then one of the things you should consider adding to your patio plans is an outdoor brick oven. Also called a masonry oven, this welcome addition to your outdoor living space can be made out of bricks or stone, depending on the design you want. This can also be made out of clay or concrete, although most people prefer bricks due to its rustic and old-fashioned appeal.

Uses of an Outdoor Brick Oven

Incorporating a brick oven into your patio landscaping ideas can bring you more than just fresh baked bread or pizza, although the thought of these alone is reason enough to have such an oven made. An outdoor oven can also serve to beautify your patio further with its homey appeal and welcoming warmth. Keep the chilly night air at bay with the use of this hearth and make hanging out on the patio during these cold nights possible.

You can also use your outdoor brick oven for parties and gatherings. Cook outside and enjoy the oohs and ahhs of your family and friends as you whip up baked goodies from an oven that is right there on your patio. Don’t know how to bake? Simply heating prepared baked goodies like pizza in your oven will also suffice.

Incorporating a Brick Oven into Your Patio Design

As long as there is enough space to work with, our skilled designers can easily integrate an outdoor brick oven into your patio design. Choose from the many designs that are readily available from home improvement magazines or have our creative team come up with a unique design just for you. Choose from the many materials that can be used to create this oven as well. While bricks are often the most popular choice, rocks, clay and concrete can also be used to create your outdoor oven.

Most brick ovens use wood to fire itself up, and yours can too. If you would rather not have a wood burning oven, we can also present you with other options that are equally effective and ideal for your needs. You can choose to have your oven fired with coal, gas or even electricity, if this is possible for your particular situation.

Whatever your brick oven ideas, let our team know so we can assist you in any way we can. When it comes to creating the best outdoor living spaces for you and your family, we at Superior Landscape and Irrigation are here to do what we can to help you achieve your dream. Contact us now and get an assessment and an estimate from our design specialists and make your dream of an outdoor brick oven a reality today!