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One option you have for outdoor heating, aside from outdoor fireplaces and brick ovens, is a fire pit. A fire pit is essentially a structure that is used to create a fire that can give warmth or light to an area while keeping the fire contained. Originally, a fire pit is just that – a pit dug in the ground to help keep the fire from spreading and causing extensive damage. Today, a fire pit can be anything from a circle of bricks or rocks to a concrete basin to an iron bowl that is used to provide warmth to outdoor living spaces.

Why Have a Fire Pit Added to Your Back Patio Plans?

Why should you consider having our skilled designers add an outdoor fire pit to your patio landscaping plans? The more apt question is, why shouldn’t you? A fire pit provides not only warmth to those who gather near it, but it also adds that warm muted glow that makes staying on your patio at night romantic and heartwarming.

Not only will a well-placed fire pit give the area around it warmth, but it also adds an aesthetic feel to the place with its rustic, old-fashioned appeal. Choose from the many different fire pit designs you can use for your outdoor living spaces. You can choose to have metal firebowls, rectangular concrete fire pits or brick fire pits added to your patio.

What Choices Do You Have When it Comes to Fire Pits

The fire pit we create for your outdoor living spaces will often depend on a number of factors. Some of the things that need to be considered include the space that you have, the other elements around your fire pit, the design that you want and the materials you want to use for your fire pit.

Some of the more popular designs that you can consider include fire pits that look like stone wells, table shaped stone fire pits, and concrete fire bowls. Some homeowners choose to have metal fire bowls integrated into their back patio ideas while others choose to have traditional brick fire pits crafted for such a plan.

Other considerations that you need to think of when planning on having a fire pit added to your patio include the location and size of this addition as well as the source of the flame. Some people choose to have gas fire pits crafted for their outdoor living spaces while a few others choose to have wood burning pits for their patios.

Whatever your fire pit plans may be, contact us today so we can help make this dream of yours a reality. Our team of skilled designers here at Superior Landscape and Irrigation will help you integrate this amazing addition to your outdoor living space when they design your patio for you. Contact us now for your no obligation consultation and make your dream of a patio fire pit a reality today!