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Roasting marshmallows, playing the guitar or just looking up at the stars – wouldn’t be the same without a warm fire.

In the Mid-West we love our outdoors. A fire pit is one of our most popular items we offer. The fun part is, we have never installed two fire pits that look even close to being the same.

There are many different products to choose from when designing & building a fire pit. We will design & install a fire pit the whole family will love & enjoy for years to come.

“We had the girls over for a bonfire last night. Everyone loved the fire pit and enjoyed the evening. I am still amazed at how the back yard turned out. You and your crew did such a great job of making my back yard usable. Thank you so much, Karen”. Eagan, MN

Fire Pit Surfaces

There are many different materials to choose from, here is a list of the common materials used for the fire pit surface:

  • Pavers: Great for longevity & ability not to crack. Beautiful colors and patterns. Natural look.
  • Concrete: Great option for an affordable hard surface. Stamped concrete offers wonderful patterns and colors.
  • Flagging Stone: Offered both in manufactured & natural stone. Best option when creating a natural looking outdoor setting. Beautiful colors and random shapes.
  • Tile Stone: Offered both in manufactured & natural stone. Great for creating a modern and formal look. Beautiful colors & sharp lines.
  • Crushed Rock: Best option for lower budgets. Offers great weed barrier. Available in many colors.

Fire Pits

Again, there are many great materials to choose from, here are a few off our customers favorites:

  • Boulders: Offer a natural feel, as if you were in the wilderness.
  • Brick/Blocks: Great for around paves and concrete and offering a unison look. Also great for around small children.
  • Mortared Natural Stone: Great for creating a formal and unison look. Also great for around small children.
  • Drop in Grate: Most affordable option, clean look. Not recommended for small children!

Lights & Hoses

Remember the extras! Adding landscaping light around your fire pit creates a magical feel as the lights dance off the shrubs and trees creating depth. they are also wonderful before and after the fire to allow safe access to the fire pit area.

Remember to add a hose spigot or hose enclose out by your fire pit. This will save you many trips back and for with buckets of water or hours of dragging the hose out every time you want a fire.

Contact us today to get started on designing your dream fire pit escape!